Why Mac, When Windows Can Do More Than OS X ?

Mac vs Windows

Windows and OS X are the most popular Operating Systems, but when we compare these 2, Windows is the winner. The primary reason behind its popularity is the cost. If you are looking for a budget or low-end Laptop/Computer, Apple has nothing to offer. For example, You need to spend minimum $899 if you are looking for a MacBook, and this price will buy you a MacBook Air with 11-inch HD display, Intel Core i5 5th Generation Processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD. However, the same price can buy you a high-end Windows Laptop (e.g. HP Envy X360 Convertible Laptop) with 15-inch Full HD Touch Display, Intel Core i7 6th Generation Processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD+128GB SSD etc.. Mac can’t beat this pricing, not even close.

Tasks that can’t be completed without Windows OS or Mac can’t do in proper way

  • Most of the jailbreaking tools are available for Windows. If you are one of the users who can’t live without a jailbroken iPhone/iPad, you are forced to depend on Windows
  • It’s not just iPhone, even Android Users can’t live without Windows. Whether you want to root your smartphone/tablet, flash custom ROM, or Fix a bricked or corrupted device, you need Windows OS
  • Don’t have money to pay for Premium apps? You don’t need money if you own a Windows computer. The World Wide Web is full of crack apps and tool. Try to find one, and you will find many. However, once you get caught, you may pay more than the cost of a hundred MacBooks. 😀
  • Do you love playing games? Buying a Mac will be a big mistake, and you will end up reselling it. The true gaming experience can be achieved on Windows Laptop only (or Gaming Gadgets, like PS4 or XBox). However, gaming laptop costs more, but you may get one for less than a high-end MacBook Pro. Use this link for an example
  • Want to crack your neighbor’s WiFi? Mac can’t do it, try some crack tools on Windows (especially bootable tools)
  • If you want a laptop with Touch Display and Stylus (Pencil), Mac is not for you
  • Windows PCs come with the freedom to upgrade hardware after purchase, but you can’t upgrade Mac. There are a couple of limited options and alternatives for Mac, but those are too expensive

Why Mac?

  • You need to get used to restarting, hang, stuck these stuff if you want to use Windows. When windows get heat up after certain hours of use, the problem starts. Use a Mac whole day, don’t shut it down for week, it still works fine
  • Do you need touch and pencil on a Laptop? How many time do you use touch? That’s not laptop’s or desktop’s requirement, but a tablet. However, if you really need, Find something cool, e.g. Surface Pro
  • A New Windows Desktop or Laptop (or the PC with fresh Windows Installation) works smoothly, but after a couple of weeks, it gets slower. It starts loosing smoothness if you don’t know how to keep your computer optimized, clean junk files, fix registry error etc.. Mac Doesn’t need maintenance, it runs all the maintenance and optimization itself, and keep the system smooth. The performance remains stable as long as there is no hardware issue
  • There is no device that can’t be infected, but Mac involves fewer risk compared to Windows. The change in Browser’s search engine, installation of unwanted apps, Virus, Malware etc. are the general issues that have been impossible to fix for Windows platform
  • There is no laptop that can beat the smoothness and multi-touch feature of Mac’s trackpad. Every touch/finger does something new, you can use all five fingers depending on what you want to do on Mac
  • Mac provides free OS update to all users as long as the Hardware Supports it. Windows charge for the latest OS, but they did allow many users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free (only those who were not using pirated or cracked OS)
  • The ultimate solution: If you are missing some Windows Apps, Features or any other stuff, You can install Windows OS on Mac, but Mac OS X can’t be installed on Windows. You can keep Windows as well as Mac on a single computer. This way, you can resolve problems like, Jailbreaking iPhone, Flashing Custom ROM on Android, Rooting your device etc.. Mac will keep the OS X and Windows Files separate

Exception: Gaming Laptops are the exception here. Mac cannot be an option when you are planning to buy a Gaming Laptop. You must buy a Gaming Desktop/Laptop that comes with Windows OS, or go for Play Station or XBox.

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