Apple iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4

Apple has recently announced the larger version of iPad, known as iPad Pro. Apple also introduced Keyboard and Stylus Pen (Apple Pencil) that can be used with iPad Pro.

We all know Microsoft’s Surface Series Tablet PC, and they have just announced Surface Pro 4 with improved features and Intel’s 6th generation processor. Surface Pro also supports Keyboard and Stylus Pen like iPad Pro.

First of all, comparing these two models make no sense, but some users must try to find which one they should buy? Apple’s iPad Pro is based on iOS, rather than MAC OS X. It makes iPad Pro a tablet, but the larger screen, Apple Pencil and Keyboard can help you to use it like a laptop as long as you don’t need to install OS X apps or do some technical stuffs.

Surface Pro 4 is not a tablet, but a complete PC. It comes with preloaded Windows 10 Pro OS. You can do all the work of a PC using Surface Pro 4. It is available in various configurations and you can choose one that suits your need. As it is a Tablet PC, you certainly need more storage than a tablet. So you can configure it up to 1TB of storage.

iPad Pro with Apple Pen

Which one should I buy?

It’s not a relevant question. If you need a Windows Laptop in compact size and also looking for style, Go for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.

If you want a larger tablet with some additional benefit, go for iPad Pro. If you need an Apple laptop, You can go for MacBook. However, Macbook doesn’t come with touch display, because it has not been designed like a tablet PC. In terms of performance, Macbook (OS X) will give you better experience, because OS X doesn’t lag as much as Windows does, and virus/malware infection is also rare.

Surface Pro 4 VS iPad Pro

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