Chromecast will be available in different countries now

Sundar Pichai has commented in his speech at the event SWSW the operation of Chromecast market is still very good, and there are plans for expansion, to arrive soon to new markets.The reality is that since it appeared on the market had not heard about their sales, we suspected that if it is an interesting device for many people, and found that the anticipation was high at launch. Today we have sold “millions” of units, a less specific figure, but equally striking.

chromecastWe remind you that went live since the summer of last year, and apparently sales remain active beyond the boom got the boot. The idea is that we want to convey Chromecast has been a success for Google, with details like which sold out in the early days, or promptly sold more units than a Kindle on

It is true that Google hardware business had good revenue in the fourth quarter of 2013, much of the blame would Accessory, despite its low price (we do not think the profit margin is very large).It would make more sense to know more concrete sales figures to compare with devices that seem a little, or overlap in functionality. For example, Roku has just announced that it has reached eight million units in the United States. Apple does not give units, but we know that last year 1,000 million entered in Apple TV.

The next logical step is to continue to expand the product into new markets, which will happen soon. No details are given, but is expected to Latin America and some European markets are their next destination.So far in the UK and Australia are expected this March. Despite the doubts that may have a product without the same services available in the United States.We are talking too much about something that maybe not everyone knows, in short, Chromecast is an accessory that allows us to connect the mobile device to the TV. It costs $35 in the U.S. Let’s see what price they offer for other destinations.

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