Changing date can brick your iPhone permanently

How to brink your iPhone

Update : Here is the fix for the iPhones bricked by date bug.

We have heard of many bugs, but this one is really unique. A bug that we don’t even want to test, neither you should dare. Let’s know what the bug is.

if you set you iPhone date to January 1, 1970 and reboot your device, it will stuck at Apple logo. Now you can’t do anything, can’t even restore the device.

You should not try this as you will end up visiting Apple Store. Some kids are trying at Apple Store to test. Apple has not said anything about this so far, and they will likely release an update to fix the bug.

Date and Time in iPhone is set automatically by default, and it changes itself if you travel abroad or somewhere with a different time zone. However, it can be set manually by following the step below

  • Tap on Settings –> General –> Date & Time
  • Turn off Set Automatic
  • Now you can select the Time Zone or Change time and date

So if you set the date as January 1, 1970, your phone won’t start next time when you turn it off. All iPhones, iPads and iPod touch with Apple A7, A8, A8X, A9, and A9X Chipset and iOS 8 or later version are affected. So if you are using iPhone 5s or later version, you are one of them. The bug doesn’t affect any 32-bit Apple Chipsets.

Here is the video, if you want to see what happens when try this

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Apple’s technician doesn’t even know what to do, so they replace the device if applicable under warranty. Else you may have to leave your phone and wait for longer to get it fixed.

However, A user tweeted that the device wakes up after 5 hours automatically, but lags a lot. You can change the time if you spend some time with your laggy device.

Ethan Tweeted that inserting another SIM resolves the issue. When the device starts up after long, it shows the device is disable for XX years and ask for Passcode, but when you change SIM card, it gives the option to change the date. So the device come back to normal.


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