Can I Use Snapchat Online ‘Web Version’ or on Computer

This is the most common question that we have seen on many forums and websites. Snapchat is a very popular app, and its live Face Swap feature has even increased its popularity. Snapchat’s official app is available for iOS and Android Platform only. If you want to run on any other Platform, you need to rely on third party apps.

Can I use Snapchat Web version online using browser

The Short Answer is “NO.”

There used to be a site “” that was able to provide some limited feature, but no longer now. The site has been down for long.

Snapchat Web Portal has some limited options related to your account. You can change password, unlock your account, delete account, Submit a request to download Snapchat Data and so on… However, you can’t use it like you do on your Smartphone.

Snapchat Web Posrtal

Snapchat for Computer (Windows and Mac)

Snapchat doesn’t have any official app for Computer. However, there are many ways to run Android Apps on Mac and Windows. So you can also run Snapchat as it is available for Android Devices. The most popular option to run Android Apps on Mac and Windows is BlueStacks 2. You can install this app on your Computer and run any Android application. It comes with preinstalled Google Play Store. After installing BlueStacks 2, you can login to Play Store app, and install any application from there just like you do on your Smartphone. For full instruction, Please read our article “How to install Android Apps on Mac and Windows.”

Snapchat on COmputer

Image : BlueStacks

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