Blackberry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iOS

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There is good news for mobile users who don’t have a Blackberry mobile. Some of them might be aware about this update. Let’s come to the point! Blackberry has launched BBM for Android and iOS Platform. Now, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a blackberry device and your loved one wants you to use BBM. There are many chat applications, but BBM is amazing. There is one thing what I don’t understand. Why Blackberry launched BBM for non Blackberry devices even most of the people couldn’t stop using Blackberry mobile just because of two features: Mail and BBM? Blackberry gives you flexibility to add different mail accounts on your device, and get the update instantly as and when a new mail receives. Now this feature is available with other mobiles as well. Remaining one feature “BBM,” now, it’s available for other Operating Systems too. Seems like Blackberry is trying to increase BBM users, but this might end up less number of Blackberry mobile users.

Let’s not talk about what might happen. Future is uncertain, and Blackberry is not a small company. They must have thought all pros and cons and then decided to launch it. We are the users, and we should get the advantage if we are getting something for free. Yes, this application is absolutely free. BBM application is available on Apple’s app store for iOS platform, and Android users need to visit Google’s Play store to download the latest version of this software. If you are using an Apple iPhone or iPad, you need to have is 6.0 or later versions to install BBM on your device, and for Android users minimum requirement is Android 4.0 or above. I have many friends who have Blackberry mobile and some of them ask me if I have BBM, but I never had. Well, I have it on my Xperia now, and making the most of it.

Friends on BBMHowever, BBM is little different from other chat application. It’s PIN to PIN messaging service which makes me glad because I don’t even need to share my mobile number. All you need to do is: download the free application, install it, open the application, and follow simple instruction. It will require your email address while registering. So, put the email address and other required information. Once you complete the registration process, you will get your BBM PIN. After getting BBM PIN, you need to check your mail, and click on the link to verify your email. You are all done. Now, you can use BBM, and share pictures, voice notes, files and many more. It has got amazing emotions for every mood to express your feeling while you are messaging.

BBM allows you to do much more on your device. It’s not about file sharing only, but you can enjoy group chat and invite a person or more people from a group to chat separately. You can even be in a group though you don’t have those contacts in your contact list. Your privacy is secure, and you chose the people who can send messages to you. It gives you real time updates. You can see when your chat buddy is responding, and when a message is delivered it shows as “D” and when the receiver reads, it turns into “R.” You can update your status to let your friends know what’s going on or how you feel. You can change your profile picture even can put an animated picture as it supports the GIF format as well. You can send a single message to multiple contacts whenever you feel. Isn’t it great?

BBM ChatI am using BBM first time and I found it amazing. Now, you can chat with your friends and loved ones easily, and it doesn’t matter whether they are using an iPhone, Blackberry or an Android phone.

Happy messaging!


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