Blackberry DTEK70/Mercury: Everything we know so far

Black Berry Dtek70

A New Blackberry smartphone has been in rumor for a long time. At the start it was rumored as BlackBerry Rome, then DTEK70, and now it’s been in rumor as Blackberry Mercury. Well, we don’t know what the upcoming Blackberry model would be called. However, TCL has now released a new video showing Blackberry’s upcoming Phone Design. Steve Cistulli, the President & GM of TCL Communication in North America has twitted a video mentioning the first look of the device.

As far as design is concerned, Blackberry Mercury/DTEK 70 doesn’t look bad, but I wonder if there are enough users who want to buy a smartphone with the physical QWERTY keyboard. There are some cool advantages of this Physical QWERTY Keyboard. First of all, those who feel uncomfortable using Touch Keyboard and miss the Physical Keyboard on Phones, they will love it for sure. The keyboard will make scrolling and swipe easier. You can swipe your finger left/right on the keyboard to swipe the screen or Swipe up/down to scroll. The device also has a shortcut key on the right that can be programmed to launch different apps.

Blackberry Mercury Keyboard

Blackberry Mercury/DTEK70 Specs

Blackberry Mercury features a USB Type-C Port and There are speakers on the left and right of the USB Port. It features a traditional 3.5 mm headset jack located on the top of the device. The device will run customized Android 7.0 Nougat Operating System out of the box. The Spacebar key on the device will also work as a Finger Print Scanner, and of course, Blackberry security feature will also be there.

TCL/Blackberry has not told about specs and price, but there are rumors that the device would feature a 4.6-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 625 CPU, 3GB RAM, and 32GB ROM.

Blackberry Mercury Dtek70

Blackberry DTEK70/Mercury Release Date and Price

Steve Cistulli has already mentioned about MWC in his tweet. So you can expect the device to be launch in February. As far as pricing is concerned, we expect the device to be sold for about $400 if the rumored specs are true. If Blackberry is going to use a high-end chip, the price would certainly rise.

Images: CNet

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