Blackberry denied to renew licence terms with T-Mobile

blackberry t mobile

As we know T-Mobile is fourth largest carrier in the USA, and Blackberry and T-Mobile worked together for years, but one wrong step can change many things. This is what has happened now with T-Mobile. Blackberry had the contract and licence terms with T-Mobile which is going to expire later this month on 25th April, unfortunately the terms will not be renewed any more “Blackberry said.”

Blackberry CEO John Chen said in his statement that they have to think what the best is for the customer, and T-Mobile’s steps were unprofessional, because they started offering iPhone at discount to existing Blackberry users that clearly explains that the company has started demoting Blackberry phones. John Chen said that Blackberry can work with T-Mobile in the future if the business strategy fits. To improve the blackberry services Blackberry has also launched Blackberry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iOS that left a good impression on Blackberry as they want to provide the best services not to only Blackberry users but to their friends and family as well, so that they can connect to them via all mobiles running on major OS platform. If they think that much, so that is for sure that won’t compromise with the services.

Here is the screenshot of the press release from Blackberry website and the statement from the Blackberry CEO John Chen.

Blackberry ceo statement

The phone maker company said that Blackberry is working on to provide alternatives to Blackberry users who are with T-Mobile at this time, so that they can move to different carrier to get the long term services, but they won’t stop providing customer supports to any Blackberry users who continues to stay with T-Mobile or purchase Blackberry mobile from T-Mobile’s existing inventory.

Well, this is loss of business for both the parties, but T-Mobile’s steps were annoying what can make any mobile maker dissatisfied. Now, T-Mobile will not be able to get any new customers who want to buy Blackberry device, if the existing users accept alternatives from Blackberry, T-Mobile will loose its existing customers as well. This is why is it is said that “Look before you leap.”


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