Halloween MakeUp Tutorial Videos for Men and Women

We are getting ready for Halloween, there are 7 days to go. Halloween is celebrated every year on 31st October, and we all wear Halloween Costumes and apply Spooky makeup. However, many of us get confused what to do, and how to apply a unique and freaky makeup. That is why we have brought some videos from YouTube to help you get the best idea for Halloween makeup with tutorials that will make the makeup thing easier for you.

Best Halloween Makeup Tutorial Videos to Watch on YouTube

For Women

1. Corpse Bride (Emily Watson)

If you have watched the movie “Corpse Bride” you already know what I am talking about. Corpse Bride is an animation movie that was released in 2005. Emily Watson acted as Victoria Everglot, and this makeup will make you look like her. This video has been watched by over 53-million users.

2. Half-Frozen Makeup Tutorial To Try On This Halloween : Men can also try

In this tutorial, she has made a freaky look with the help of eyeball contact, wig, and some other stuff. The eyeball is the most important thing that helped to make the makeup even more spooky. Here is how you can look like Half-Frozen.

3. Monster High Catty Noir Doll Costume Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

If you have seen the Catty Noir Doll sold by Monster High, you know what type of makeup I am talking about. A combination of Pink and Black makeup will surely make you look different as well as a monster.

4. Zombie Barbie

If you want to give a movie style Zombie look to your face, try this Zombie Barbie makeup this Halloween. This is an amazing tutorial, and you may terrify many people with this spooky look. The tutorial includes how to make yourself look like a Barbie, and then turn into a horrified Zombie that has cut mark and blood on the face.

5. Monsters Inc. Inspired Makeup

Do you remember the character of Henry J. Waternoose in the movie, Monster Inc.? henry J. Waternoose is the CEO of Monster Inc., and he has got a crab-like body with 5 eyes. This makeup tutorial is inspired by this character that will make you look a perfect spooky person on this Halloween.

6. Trippy ‘Face in a Face’ Halloween Make-up

This one is a cool makeup tutorial that will make you look a freaky person. After you follow this tutorial correctly, it will look like you have got 2 faces, and you can also hide one to make you look awkward.

7. A Confusing Trippy Face

This one is another makeup tutorial to get a confusing trippy face. After applying the makeup successfully, it will seem that you have got 4 eyes, 2 noses, 2 lips and 4 eyebrows. Here is the video how you can do it.

8. The Conjuring 2 Makeup Tutorial (Valak) : Men can also try

If you have watched the movie Conjuring 2, you know the Demon Nun “Valak.” How about making yourself look like him this Halloween. This amazing guide will tell you how to look like Valak and freak everyone out.

9. Voodoo Doll Halloween Makeup Guide

Voodoo Doll is known as an effigy with many pins inserted on the body. However, this guide is not about the body, but face only. This Voodoo Doll Halloween makeup tutorial is the most freakiest one in our list.

10. Smiley Horror Halloween Makeup Tutorial : Men can also try

It is pretty cool and very spooky that makes you look like a killer monster with a blood on your lips and eyes, and a face without a nose. Eyes and lips also seem to have stitches around them.

For Men

1. Undead Wraith King

A pretty amazing makeup tutorial to get yourself ready for Halloween 2016. This tutorial will give you a horror movie-like look.

2. Jeff the Killer – Creepy Pasta

Jeff the Killer is one of the popular horror characters that you can find on many websites. It’s an image that started showing up on the internet since 2008. This tutorial will tell you how you can make yourself look like this killer character with blood on the face and black color around the eyes.

3. Insane Cannibal Horror Face

This makeup trick by Alex Faction guides how to get a spooky look. With the help of mask, makeup kit and eye contact you can be like the one you see in the video.

4. Steam Punk Zombie

Get a bloodsucker Zombie look with this makeup trick. The tutorial includes step-by-step guide how to apply makeup on your face and prepare yourself for this Halloween.

5. The Joker from Dark Knight

Joker character in the movie Dark Knight is one of the memorable villain characters that everyone knows about, and it was because of 2 reasons; His Look and His Acting. I am not sure if you can act like him or not, but you can definitely look like Joker following this makeup tutorial.

6. Werewolf Halloween Makeup Tutorial

A Werewolf is a man who transforms into a Wolf. It all happens in the movie that I don’t want to relate to real life. However, you can get a look of Werewolf with hair all around the face (including nose), and Wolf-like lips. Watch the make tutorial video.


Do you remember Nightcrawler Character from X-Men who has a blue face with so many marks on it? The makeup tutorial by Anthony Cook will make you look like him.


This makeup guide tells how you can look like a Vampire. This makeup is done with the help of Concealer, Foundation, Contouring, Red Pencil, Brown, Eye Shadows, Fangs, Red Lipstick etc.. Watch the video below to know how you can also do it.

9. Grim Reaper Horror Makeup Tutorial

Grim Reaper is also known as Death. This makeup tutorial means to give your face a skeleton skull-like look revealing the bones shape. Here is how it is done.

10. Harvey Dent Halloween Makeup

Do you remember the Character from Two-Face and The Dark Knight Movie whose half face gets severely burnt? The face gets very terrified. You can get a face look like him following this makeup tutorial.


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