The Best Free Android and iPhone Apps For Modern Small Business

A growing small business in today’s world can make progress by leaps and bounds simply by utilizing the right mobile apps. These are tools that, by their nature, can be installed on computers and devices by any and all employees, helping to connect the office and simplify any number of different tasks and challenges. But where specifically should a small business look when exploring the idea of building productivity through apps? These are a few tools that come to mind.

Best Free iOS and Android Apps For Modern Small Business

Receipts by Wave (iOS and Android)


Receipts by Wave sets you free from managing paper receipts. You can use this app to keep all the receipts in digital format, and access anywhere you want. All you have to do is, snap a photo of the receipt, and upload it as a photo or PDF file to Receipts by Wave app, it will convert your uploaded file to digital accounting data. If you receive receipts by email, you can forward them to your Receipts by Wave email account. The app is available for Android and iPhone, and you can use it for free.

Invoice By Wave (iOS App)


A list at Nerdwallet pointed to a number of different apps that are ideal for small businesses these days, and included a whole section on finance and accounting. Wave is probably the simplest app that was put in that section. Free and straightforward to use, Wave tracks sales and expenses, manages employee payments and client invoices, and even compiles its own accounting reports. As your business grows you may want a more comprehensive or robust accounting software, but Wave can do an awful lot of work for you and effectively take over the accounting process.

Networkfleet Driver (iOS and Android)


Small businesses that involve vehicles (whether for delivery, transportation, or a food truck) are increasingly taking advantage of modern fleet tracking technology. Now, a lot of that technology can be harnessed for drivers’ benefits via a single app. As explained by Networkfleet, the “Driver” app can help with managing routes, monitoring maintenance needs, and can also record driving habits. It’s all done in the interest of safety and efficiency, which helps drivers to act responsibly and saves companies money on travel and repairs.

Slack (iOS and Android)


There are a lot of different communications apps out there for small businesses, but Slack seems to be distancing itself from the pack. A couple of years ago, a write-up at The Verge even went so far as to say that Slack was “killing email.” And back then it wasn’t nearly as well-known or widespread in its use! There have been some similar analyses in the years and months since. Built as an online chat channel, Slack works seamlessly across devices and allows for one-on-one conversations, group conversations, and file sharing. It’s a very simple service to use and one that can help you and your employees to get on the same page with ease, and stay connected throughout the day and from remote locations.

Square Register (iOS and Android)


Square is essentially a payment processing system that works with card readers to help your business accept money in multiple forms. That’s about all there is to it, but a blog post on Square’s website noted that they’re constantly adapting to new technologies and payment methods. Square is close to becoming a necessity for a small business with any sort of retail component.

Toggl Time Tracker (iOS and Android)


Toggl will be of use primarily for a few types of businesses, such as those involving billable hours or working with freelance employees. But in those situations, or for the basic purpose of time management, it’s a very useful app. Basically, Toggl tracks how every last minute of the work day is spent. It syncs across multiple devices and logs how an individual is spending his or her time, not just recording hours but also arranging the results into helpful charts and graphs that can make it easier to address time management and form and maintain good working habits. As a monitoring tool it might be a little bit intrusive even in today’s open, shared work environment, but as a resource for employees to use of their own free will it’s quite valuable.

Evernote (iOS and Android)


Finally, there’s Evernote, which popped up in a Forbes article about brilliant apps for business four years ago and is still relevant today. To a certain extent, it’s redundant with Slack, although Evernote is more about personal use for employees. Basically, it’s a note-taking app that syncs across all devices and allows users to record their ideas or written work wherever and whenever they want, without any risk of losing the work.

Modern small businesses have a lot of factors to consider when trying to gain a leg up in tech. But these mobile apps are among some of the easiest ways to make sure that your business is staying competitive in many regards. Several of them are free and others are cheap enough that they’re still saving you money when you factor in their benefits in time management and productivity.

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