The Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat XI to Create, Edit, Convert, and Combine PDF Files

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As we already know that Adobe is ending the support for its popular Adobe Acrobat XI Pro application that is a very useful PDF creation program, so what are you going to do? You may still use the application, but it involves some risks that you must avoid. Here are the top reasons why using an application without support is risky and why you should look for a better alternative;

  • When Adobe ends the support, you will not receive any update or security patches from the company. So if the app or any of its file is under attack, your data may go vulnerable to hackers
  • After the end of support, you will not get any new feature that might be needed according to changing trend
  • If you face any trouble with the application or if it is not working normally, you won’t get help from Adobe professionals

When Adobe is Ending the Support for Adobe Acrobat XI

According to Adobe’s support page, the support for Adobe Acrobat XI Pro as well as Standard version will end on October 15, 2017. After this period, Adobe will not release any update for this application.

adobe supprt end

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What is the best and affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat XI?

Meet the PDFElement Professional that comes with many awesome features that should be enough to deal with any type of PDF Files. Whether you want to create a new PDF Document or edit an existing one, PDFElement can do that for you.

pdf element

Features of Wondershare’s PDFElement Tool

Before you choose a professional application, you must know what the app has to offer. So we will tell you all the features PDFElement Offers;

  • You can start creating a professional looking PDF file easily by clicking of Create PDF option
  • Have you got a PDF File that you want to modify? PDFElement lets you edit an existing PDF Files. You can add content, delete, copy, and paste
  • It also lets you convert PDF files into an editable Word, Excel, and Powerpoint file
  • Do you want to combine multiple PDF files? No Problem! Just click on the Combine option within app, drag and drop multiple PDF files and combine in just a couple of clicks
  • It supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • You also get access to hundreds of free PDF templates. For example, you want to create a resume, and you want to get a good format. Simply click on PDF Templates option, browse and download some Resume templates, choose the one suits you the best.   
  • There are many other features, e.g. Batch Process PDF Files, File Size Optimization, Redaction, Automatic Form Recognition, Annotations and Comments, Form Data Extraction etc..

How to test the features of PDFElement app

You can try the app without any payment. Download PDFElement for free if you want to test first and then buy. If you are a Mac user, Click on Go to Mac option and then download the file. It’s lightweight and fast. If you are satisfied after testing it, you can buy. PDFElement Professional costs $99.95.