Bathroom of the future equipped with hi-tech

Future of the bathroom

Latest technology has change many things in our lives, and it keeps changing everyday. Along with Music, Videos, Internet, Virtual Reality and Wireless Communication, gadgets companies are making devices to keep us health. Health features and Apps provide health related data that is very helpful in day-to-day activity to keep ourselves fit. So features are expected to go beyond Smartphones and Wearables, even in your washroom.

Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson and, together they have put their thoughts into images and made some images that shows the bathroom of the future. Taking the current generation and technology in mind, they expect such bathroom in the next 10 years or onwards.

Bathroom of the future may attract many of you, but some may still doubt if it is going to happen. However, look back at your past, and think what Science has made us achieve. So nothing is impossible.

Here is the key features of the bathroom of the future

Smart recognition

Just like our Smartphones, Bathrooms in future are expected to get recognition feature, and that could be Finger Print Scanner, Retina Scanner or anything else. So this feature will enable instant personalization of lighting and entertainment systems. Retina Scan would be performed by mirror as a part of routine health checks.

Smart Recognition of future bathroom

Speakers and Music

Wall and Floor Tiles would have integrated speakers, and it will connect to the music stored in Smart Mirror. So you can listen to the stored music, or use online music options to play desired tracks.

Speaker in bathroom and music

Health related features in Bathroom

As we said in the first key feature that Retina Scanner in Smart Mirror would enable health check feature, and then a number of health check options would appear, like heart rate data, weighing scale, total body mass etc.. High resolution camera will show your right in the Mirror,  and would also upload your health data to health apps via internet to keep the record.

Health data upload to health app

Smart Mirrors and 3D bathroom Fittings

As we said Smart Mirrors would be equipped with many features, like high-resolution camera, Retina Scanner, Health Check, Music Playback, Internet etc.. Another Smart Mirror would be sit alongside ​3D printed​ bathroom fittings that will change shape to adapt to the user​.

3D bathroom fittings and Smart Mirror

Smart Toilet

It will help the user to keep away from bacteria. Smart toilets that can perform chemical ​checks on waste, will become mainstream.

Smart Toilet

Make Up Advice with Smart Mirror

When it comes to bathroom, how ladies can miss make up. Smart Mirror will also help to make you look beautiful. It would advice on makeup, and provide suggested styles and how to guides.

Smart Mirror with Make Up advice

Wall Art Customization and Shower Temperature

Smart Mirrors will also help to customize the Wall Art according to your mood, and can also adjust shower temperature to get the best shower experience

Smart Mirror for Wall Art and Shower Temperature

As we see Smart Mirrors will have very important role in Future Bathroom as it provides the control of everything there. However, this is just a concept, and Dr Ian Pearson predicted to see such Bathrooms by 2025 or onwards.

What do you think about the Bathroom of the Future?

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