Apple’s Siri saved someone’s life

Siri saves someones life

Apple’s users are quite friendly with iOS voice assistant feature “Siri.” It can do many things, but how about saving someone’s life? Yes, Siri really did.

18-year-old Sam Ray working under his truck, and the truck fell down on him when the jack got misplaced. He yelled for help, but nobody was there to help him. He was under the truck struggling with his life, and no one could hear. Out of the blue, he heard a woman voice coming from his pocket. He realized it is Siri, and asked her to “Call 911.”

Finally, they came for help and got him out. He remained under the truck for about 40 minutes, and got second & third-degree burns to an arm, three broken ribs, a bruised kidney.

Medical Services and Emergency Dispatch center and Siri got the credit to save Sam Ray’s life. It was his luck that the pocket dial (also known as butt dial or pocket call) activated Siri, and only then he got his sense that he can ask Siri to dial 911. If Siri were not there, he would’ve died. You should also get some practice of butt dialing. Just kidding!


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