Apple’s new inventions with iOS 8 and Yosemite

iOS 8

Health and automation. These are the two new Apple bets. The company has announced the launch of a health application which will be responsible for collecting and storing information about health and physical activity of users. The software will handle data such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, activity of sleeping, allergies, blood sugar levels etc., and will display it all in a unified and updated view.

The software has been designed to operate with iOS 8, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Apple has refused to reveal future plans about ant other devices, like iWatch or any other wearables. Apple Ceo, Tim Cook said about the implemention of this application that it can work with third-party products, such as Nike, and are starting to work with hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. for the relationship between doctor and patient which is much more direct and can help to improve the users experience.

Apple’s move to the health field was expected, as the company had hired a dozen leading experts in this field last year. In addition, the company is under pressure to fulfill the promise of Tim Cook to launch new product this year, and without doubt this is a step in that direction. As for Apple’s entry into the smart home, the company introduced HomeKit, a solution for developers to easily integrate home automation devices (such as security cameras, lights or thermostats) in the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

iCloud Photo Library and smarter keyboard

Apart from the Health app, the new iOS 8 brings many new features. Among them, the interactive notifications is really impresive, for example: emails can be answered from the Notification Center. ICloud also includes Photo Library so that users access photos and videos more easily in its activated devices. In fact, if you edit a photo on iPhone, save option will appear in the iPad and OS X as well. Other developments are the new app messages, sahring videos or photos by simply moving a finger, and option “Family Sharing” that allows the option to share a single app store purchase among six members of family using the same credit card. There is one great thing that it also has “Ask permission” option, for ex: If a child purchase an app or game, the parent gets the notification, and they can accept or reject.” Also the new keyboard with iOS8 now has the words prediction feature. This app is smart enough and learn from your behavior and gives you the word suggestion. App said that everything is learning the keyboard on the device is encrypted and never sent to the cloud.

Another important novelty is that iOS8 Notification Center can display widgets, which already exists on Android devices. And Extensibility functionality allows apps to communicate with each other. Thus, with the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system these options will be accessible, for example, to share a photo without leaving Safari, as it is done in desktop browsers.

More similarities between iOS and OS X

yosemiteApple also introduced OS X 10.10 or Yosemite, the latest version of its operating system for Mac computers This has undergone a major cosmetic renovations, approaching in design and performance to the version for iPhone and iPad. So, Craig Federighi, Senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, said that “we design our platforms, services and devices at once, so we create a common and consistent experience for all our products.”

Yosemite will be free to customers later this year via download or update, and has updated notification center as well, which has increased in size and functionality and also allows the installation of widgets on the desktop through iTunes.

Another amazing feature is iCloud Drive

iCloud will appear in the File menu for the first time and you can directly access the content as if it were a folder. All the files that are uploaded to the cloud will be available in other Apple devices as well.

Calling with the iPhone from Mac

The company also explained that Yosemite converted to Mac and iOS devices into perfect companions. Thus, when an iPhone or iPad are near a Mac, Handoff lets start an activity on a device and pass it to another. Instant Hotspot makes sharing internet connection as easy as connecting to a wifi network. So far, SMS and MMS only appeared on the iPhone, now messages appear on all Apple devices. “You can even send SMS and MMS from the Mac and use this as a handsfree to send or receive calls of iPhone.

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