Apple working on iOS 7.1.2 update to fix bugs

The operating system vendors, whether for computers or the smartphones, offer constant support in their products in the form of updates. They provide new updates that bring new features to the system, but they also provide updates to correct errors that were not detected in the initial time of its release. The latest version of OS launched by Apple was iOS 7.1.1 and corresponds to the second group, which is directed to fix some bugs with the fingerprint detector and keyboard. Apple is preparing to release iOS 8 the next big update which will be presented in WWDC (WorldWide Developer Conference) which is going to be held in June. Everything indicated that there would be new updates in the form of iOS 8, ​​but there is rumor that new update will be rolled out before iOS 8. This could be iOS 7.1.2, and it will be a delivery to solve two major failures.

The mobile platform Apple has several errors that have been discovered recently and would have to develop a new release to fix them. The first of the errors have to do with email, specifically with attachments. It has been discovered by the security expert that the data attached in emails, like documents or photos are not encrypted in the process. So the hackers can attach. The expert contacted Apple, who acknowledged the bug with the latest iOS and confirmed that it would offer a solution ASAP.

Then there is the failure of iMessage, the native messaging app for iPhone and iPad. The problem affects users who had an iPhone and have switched to another platform such as Android or Windows Phone. So, when the user changes the device, they don’t receive any messages sent through iMessage. Those messages remain trapped in Apple’s servers and are never received by the recipient.

iOS 7.1.2 will be delivered to shelve these two problems without posing a serious risk, and are important enough to force them to release a new update. No estimated release date of iOS 7.1.2 has been declared, but most likely will arrive before the WWDC. In this conference Apple might reveal some facts what have been rumored for so long, like the two display-sized iPhone 6, iWatch and its new HealthBook app.

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