Apple will notify if your app is XcodeGhost Malware infected

Apple XcodeGhost Malware issue

We published an article earlier with the list of infected apps by XcodeGhost Malware, and now Apple has provide some more information on this issue. Apple mentioned that they have not identified any issue where this infection transmitted users’ information, or did something malicious, but they are working closely with developers to fix it. They have already removed so many iOS apps from the App store, and many of them have already been updated to get rid the infection.

The issue is primarily with the Chinese App Store. Apple agreed that Xcode is a huge file, and to downloading speed from Apple server is slower for Chinese Developers, and some of them downloaded it from other websites, and this ended up with this mess up. Apple also mentioned that they are working on it make the downloading faster to ease developers’ pain.

Apple has already updated its Chinese Website with some FAQ about XcodeGhost Malware. Apple will post a list of top 25 infected apps, and users can check if they have those apps installed on their device or not.

Users will receive more information on app if they have an infected app installed on their iOS device. Once developers update their apps, users can simply update the app on device to fix the issue. If they have already uninstalled, they can simply install it again.

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