Apple Support App for iOS devices is on its way

Along with better product, a better customer service is the key to gain more users. Apple has been working to provide a good customer service for long time, and now they are about to make it even better. Apple already has its web interface for Support. If you have any issue with your Apple Product, you can visit, select the type of product you have, select the issue type you are facing, and then you will be given the solution according to the issue. If you can’t find solution, you can schedule a call back, or call customer service, or chat with them.

Apple Support App for iOS

Just like Apple web interface support, Apple is working on an iOS app that will serve almost the same purpose, uSwitch reported. This app will help users to fix normal issues by guiding them step by step. If users can’t fix or find a solution, they can chat with an Apple advisor, schedule an in-store visit and so on.. This app should be available for all iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, iPods. The app should arrive with an iOS update, so we don’t think Apple support app will be available in App Store to download.

Here are some screenshots of Apple support app

Most of the software / settings issue can be fixed by users it self. Sometimes you need a computer and connect the device to iTune. For ex: If you iPhone is stuck at Apple Logo or you are getting only black screen when you turn it on. You can simply connect it to iTune in recovery mode, and iTune downloads the latest iOS file, and flash the device, and fix the issue. Visiting Apple service center for such issue doesn’t make sense. So Apple Support app for iOS device may help Apple to reduce the number of users for in-store repair.

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