Apple rumored to be acquiring Beats electronics for $3.2 billion

apple with beat

There is a rumor that Apple is purchasing Beats electronics for $3.2 billion. Acquiring Beats electronics  seems to be right, but the deal has not been confirmed that Apple is actually paying $3.2 billion. Beats electronic was founded by hip-hop star Dr Dre, and the music producer Jimmy Iovine. It’s a headphone maker and music streaming company that has been working with Apple for long when Beats electronics helped apple to improve the sound quality of iPhone and iPad’s headphone.

iTune is still the largest music download service is the world, and it seems Apple is going to start something new or make its music part the best in the world, and the upcoming Operating System iOS8 might have something great in terms of music. The rumor is also about Apple starting its own record level, and Mr Iovine and Dr Dre will be joining Apple as well, that seems to be same situation happened when Facebook bought WhatsApp. According to 9to5mac Beats electronics brings around $1 billion each year. So the deal seems to be fine if it’s true.

Apple and Beats electronics have always been in good relation, and you can see the statement from Jimmy Iovine, even back in 2010. Screenshot taken from 9to5mac.

iovine statement in 2010

In the past Apple has also bought some companies, and here is the screenshot taken from Financial Time(FT).

Apple deals

Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine might show in the next Apple’s WWDC (WorldWide Developer’s conference),  and they might have a grand introduction. Let’s wait till the time Apple clarifies the deal.


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