Apple is preparing its own car


The US company Apple has been rumoured to be working now to develop a fully autonomous electric car. Information came from Reuters that Apple is establishing contacts with automotive professionals to learn to build  own car from scratch including all vehicle production (from the exterior design to the technology on board), which would be powered by a sector electric motor and also include autonomous driving technology. Although the information on this project is a big question, some sources indicate that the new autonomous car of Apple could be very similar to self-led Google car. This agency ensures that Apple is not interested in either conventional combustion engines or traditional methods of manufacturing vehicles. Therefore, it seems that talk of a fully electric car in which the manufacturing process should not intervene any major motor manufacturer in the world.


But the information published by Reuters is not exactly surprising when you consider the recent statements by Elon Musk, the head of the US company Tesla , who has said during this month of February that Apple is trying to hire employees. The offer sounds tempting as Elon Musk says its employees have received from Cupertino deals with improvements of up to 60% of their salary. And when you consider previously published information, see the project under which Apple would be developing its own electric car could respond to the name of Project Titan. This project is supposedly formed by a group of 1,000 employees, including Johann Jungwirth, a former senior official of a research division of the German manufacturer Mercedes seems to have been recently hired by Apple. Precisely Jungwirth was one of the members who once worked on the prototype of the Mercedes-Benz F 015 , a completely futuristic car with luxury interiors.

Moreover, the project related to the automotive world in which it is supposedly working Apple does not have to necessarily be a self-driven electric car. In recent weeks there have appeared on the network photographs of mysterious chambers filled with cars moving through the streets of California. Everything seems to indicate that these are cars that are part of a new project from Apple, a project that could just be related to the information received by the agency Reuters. This project could range from a renewed entertainment system for cars to a new set of maps for browsers.

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