Apple is preparing a twelve-inch MacBook and a 4K iMac

Apple might end the year with a renewed catalog of their products and Operating systems: iPhone6, iOS8, Yosemite OS X and now, with a new twelve-inch MacBook. 9to5Mac says that Apple is working on a computer with an aluminum body thinner and lighter. They also pointed out that will feature a retina display to see any kind of high quality content. Apparently, Apple believes its new MacBook will be another important step in the industry of laptops, as it was the MacBook Air, which was presented to the public for the first time in January 2008.

The same sources said that Apple is also working on a new 27-inch iMac to present to distributors and customers its first 4K screen, which would be four times more resolution than a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080). The development team of the company will also be working to provide users with new updates for iMovie and Final Cut Pro, and thus prepare them for working with files that support 4K.

According to the rumor Yosemite OS X and iWatch will be launched on the same date in October. This smart watch could be a revolution in the industry, as it would be the first wearable that would be manufactured by Apple. There is rumor about its features as well that the terminal would be able to recognize wrist movements and gestures to enable or disable certain features. Also, would have several sensors on the belt that would allow accept or decline a calls. The clock display would have a square shape and alludes to the concept of having an iPod Nano as a centerpiece of the terminal. It also would have accelerometers, GPS positioning modules , Wifi and haptic feedback. Anyway, we will have to wait until September or even October to see if these rumors are true.

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