Apple believes that voice messages will be the next generation digital communication

Do you remember Push-To-Talk? Before the rise of BlackBerry and the launch of the original iPhone, the Nextel PTT phones were the most popular in the United States. The truth is that, the smartphones were still a business to develop and it will continue in the future as well, but this line of terminals had an affordable price offering connectivity and the ability to make calls from a mobile.

However, in recent years, PTT has become popular again , but with a new name: Voice Messaging. Since consumers have experienced every possible way, or almost all, of being able to communicate with a person (a call, a text message or a video), it has become clear that the simplest and most useful is a voice message. It’s perfect for when you are driving or just do not feel like writing.

apple watch voice messageThere are many apps that can send voice messages. All have its own way to send. The trend is so obvious that even Apple wants to add to this market. In iOS 8 , the messaging application includes access to send a voice memo with one touch and quickly. In fact, the Apple Watch, the “walkie-talkie” mode is one of the best features that comprise the terminal. The watch also lets you send voice messages within the SMS. Both functions are easily accessible via a button dedicated to messaging that is on one side.

However, voice memos will never replace text messages as in private matters. There are times when you do not want people (who are around you) to know what you are sending to a friend or relative. From my own experience, the truth is that it is quite rare to send a voice message if you are not completely alone . This is the reason that systems like Ford Sync or Apple CarPlay have become so important as they are very useful when you are alone, but when with other people it’s can be used for other purpose (like using road map and for fun).

The voice is the only way to communicate while you have to do several things at once, ” explains Thomas Gayno, co-founder of Cord. What is clear is that this ancient form of messaging is trying to establish itself as a trend, so we should not fail to deepen it. In fact, we will see quite a future in this system related to the car or television technologies as voice commands can be quite useful. In fact, the distribution network that has Apple voice messaging could potentially be more successful than ever .

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