Apple acquired BookLamp to make the e-Book service more impressive

Apple has bought BookLamp, a startup that offers customized eBooks recommendations. Thus, intended to compete with Amazon in a key business of the company, e-books. We can’t tell the exact amount Apple paid to buy BookLamp, but according to the sources, Apple has paid between 10-15 million UD dollars for the acquisition.

The best known product from BookLamp was Genome Project, a platform that allows users to find books on based on the interest by analyzing the other titles that have been previously read. The technology of this company could help Apple to improve its iBooks service system with optimized recommendations, searches and classifications.

According to Tech Crunch, Apple responded their message that they do buy smaller companies whenever required, and usually do not talk about the future plan.” Although the purchase was made ​​earlier this year, has not been heard from acquisition, as it has been when employees of BookLamp, based in Idaho, have begun moving to Cupertino.

This system explores the writing style you like, the kind of novel, and the author. Thus, it is able to recognize your preferences and recommend similar books which you have read or you might like to read. Last year, the CEO of the company, Aaron Stanton said that the platform was indexing between 40,000 to 100,000 new titles a week.

Furthermore, BookLamp could also have a filter for children. Thus, the company would be able to make specialized recommendations for younger not to relate with inappropriate content. Clients of Booklamp were Amazon, Apple and a group of New York publishers. The company provided them the analysis on the most appropriate classification for the books. Thus, helping them to know how the campaign should focus on e-Book marketing.

One of the reasons that Apple bought BookLamp is due to this long list of clients. It is being said that Apple has bought BookLamp to beat Amazon at its own territory. Also, ensure that in the next 18 months some initiatives related to the Apple platform for books will be reinforced. For example, Apple might use it to create a competitor to Amazon X-Ray, which allows readers to see where, how often and in what chapters the character comes in a book. Similarly, the most obvious option that will be implemented in the system that we have said before: make personalized recommendations for e-books.


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