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If we look back at Apple’s Mobile Devices history there has been tremendous improvement in their performance. Apple CPUs perform better even with less number of cores compared to other CPUs. When Apple A9 was launched we were surprised by its single-core performance, that was beyond expectation.

Apple care more about Single-core performance compared to multi-core. Antutu used to measure CPU performance in different way, but they have also changed the algorithm and now gives more importance to single-core performance. Qualcomm had the last high-end Chip as Snapdragon 810 that was octa-core, but they have also started caring about the Single-core performance, and reduced the number of core in its latest Snapdragon 820 CPU that features a quad-core processor.

All the iPhones and iPads CPUs are dual-core, except Apple A8x. Apple A8x was a triple-core processor, but they skipped triple-core when launched iPad Pro. So the latest Apple A9x still features a dual-core processor.

What do we expect from Apple A10 CPU?

Apple A10 may still be a dual-core processor, but you can expect a huge improvement from this CPU. Have a look at Apple CPUs history and its GeekBench 3 benchmark score since Apple A7

Apple A10 Benchmark Expectation

Apple A10

Single-core GeekBench 3

Single-core performance has always increased. Will Apple A10 Score more than Apple A9X? Well, iPad Pro is something that Apple launched for the first time, and it also features 4GB RAM. If it was iPad Air 3 with the same score, we would have considered Apple A10 to score over 3500 in single-core performance. However, Apple A10 would probably score over 3000. So far there is no smartphone/CPU that can beat Apple A9 single-core performance.

Multi-core GeekBench 3

As far as multi-core performance is concerned Apple A8x is still better than Apple A9, but much more higher compared to Apple A8 CPU. We expect Apple A10 to score over 5200 in multi-core performance if Apple keep producing dual-core. If Apple change the trend and produce a quad-core processor, they might give us a surprise.

In the same way there would be huge improvement as far as Graphic Performance is concerned. We recently compared Apple A9 vs Snapdragon 820 vs Exynos 8890, and found Snapdragon 820 to be the best in terms of GPU, but Exynos 8890 and Apple A9 seems to perform almost equally. However, Apple A9 and Snapdragon 820 didn’t show much difference in Antutu Benchmark, and Exynos 8890 left behind both CPUs.

Here are GPU Benchmark report of Apple A7, Apple A8, Apple A8X, Apple A9 and Apple A9X. This would give you an idea what you are going to get this year when iPhone 7 and 7 plus arrives.

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