App control in android OS is coming soon

app control in android OS

We all know that there is deficiency of app control in Android OS or you can say there is no control in the hand of users what really apps access. So you can’t control an app completely what it can access and what not, on the contrary an iOS user has full control over any app access (whether its about data usage or accessing photos or camera).

Well, Bloomberg reported that Google is planning to provide full access to Android users over apps installed on their mobile. Google could reveal more about this feature in the Developer’s conference in San Francisco that is going to be held this month. So Google may incorporate this feature in the next version of Android OS, Android M or Android 6.

Apple has done its best selling because of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, and many Android users also moved to Apple because now they have big screen (some of them were old iPhone users who left Apple because of the small display). So Apple shares went up, and Apple Quarterly report shows that they made a good profit, but Android shares have went down even in some European countries, though Android rules the mobile era. So Google has some pressure and wants to do something better to attract more users. Lets see when Google provides app control in Android OS.

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