Another leak about Moto X 3rd generation 2015 model


There are a few leaks about the upcoming flagship of Motorola, but the earlier news about the leaked specs of Moto X 3rd Generation is different what we have now. The 3rd Generation Model of Moto X is expected to arrive in July or August that will certainly have better specs than its predecessor. Total tech uploaded a video that they claim is the Moto X 3rd generation model, and according to this leak, it would feature these tech specs:

Display : 5.64-inch (considered as 5.7 inch)

Resolution : 2560 X 1440 Pixels

RAM : 3 GB

Internal Storage : 21.06 GB (it’s kind of weird) 32 GB makes sense, but this…..

OS : Android 5.1.1

You can watch the video for more detail:

Now tell me what do you think? The model number shown in the video is XT1097 that is the model number of Moto X 2nd generation, but the Screen resolution, display size and RAM makes some sense. Motorola might launch 2 models of Moto X 3rd generation : One with the bigger display (5.7-inch), and one with smaller (5.2-inch). Well, rumor is rumor after all. We can’t say something for sure until it is officially announced.

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