Android KitKat Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and S4

Android 4.4 KitKat arrived last November and many users are wondering at what point their handsets will receive the update if that will get. Terminals Samsung in particular are one of those who could update faster, given the pace that the company has taken lately. However there is no official confirmation of which of them will have their fill of KitKat , beyond the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. U.S. division of the company has shed light on this mystery, revealing the list of products that will be updated coming soon to the latest installment of Android . Nothing confirmation only refers to the United States , so you have to have reservations, but it is certainly the most reliable indicator we have so far. The list is quite extensive and includes terminals that were released in 2012, a very good news for users with a little more veterans devices.

As mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S4 and three other models are listed as they are the two most prominent high end of its range right now. In addition the company plans to deliver Android 4.4 to all S4 Galaxy series , which also includes the compact model Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini,photographic version Zoom Galaxy S4 and the S4 Galaxy Active, off-road edition. Note Within the series there will be other lucky as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 tablets and Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy Note 10.1 (both the first version and the 2014 edition which was launched a few months ago).

So far there are not many surprises since all are products that can still be considered first-line. One of the questions that I had to do with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung USA confirms that Android 4.4 itself, but besides the compact version of this model will also test their own ration, we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Finally also include Samsung Galaxy Mega and the number of tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. The upgrade process begins today, but not specifying what devices. We insist that for now this confirmation is only focused on the U.S., but the list of terminal sounds coherent to you the same strategy in Europe to replicate, but as always we must have patience.

Updates to Android are expected by users as rain in May, is it normally take that long, and at worst not even reach some terminals. Samsung is applied in this direction and slowly shortening timeout, but mostly still relatively veterans supporting models. We hope to continue along this path and further improve the eternal problem of fragmentation in Android.

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