Android App “Virus Shield” turned out scam

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virus shield

Google Play Store is full of applications, and there are various apps that does the same work or similar to each other, but most of the free apps come with annoying ads what pops up all the time you use  the app. So, many people go for pro version of the app (if available) to avoid ads. There are many antivirus and device protection apps, and it’s hard to guess which one would be the best for you smartphone.

How does it feel when you download an application and later finds that application is useless? This is what has happened with one of  the most downloaded paid Android application “Virus Shield.” Virus shield became famous among users and got the good rating (almost 4.7), and hit more than 10,000 downloads, and the price were 3.99 USD per download.  I said were, because it’s no longer available in Google Play Store and the reason behind this the test that was done on this app and its coding was checked. It was found that the application was useless and it does nothing at all to protect your device from viruses. So, the users who bought this app, they paid for nothing. Virus Shield was programmed like that when the screen is press it starts showing red cross icon. So, it was a big scam.


Google updates their policy for the developers, and the applications are tested before they are available in the Google Play Store, but unfortunately the test is done by the robotic system. So, it failed to catch Virus Shield fraud. Now, Google needs to be more careful about accepting the application on the Play Store, especially when it is not free. After this incident, users will doubt to download other paid apps, though that might not be fake. Virus Shield made a good amount of money and took great advantage of Android users. So, the users needs to be careful when they are not downloading a well-known application.