An intro iOS 8

Apple has finally introduced iPhone 6 in two version, which also came accompanied by Apple Watch. The two new models of smartphone from Apple will come standard with iOS8, and this means that the final version of apple mobile system is just around the corner. Today, We will discuss some of the most striking features of iOS8.

Keyboard Quick Type

The iPhone has kept almost the same virtual keyboard since the first version, with the only major change after upgrading to iOS 7, after which it received a new design, but its performance remained the same. Apple will finally offer a keyboard with an advanced predictive text, that will suggest words when we are typing, so that we can type faster, which already exist in Android phones. But not only that, if you receive a message from someone asking whether you would like to go to the movies or dinner, the keyboard automatically suggest us the two options. There is also option to to install third-party keyboards, and we may even have a Swype keyboard like Android or Windows Phone 8.1.


If you have multiple Apple devices including Mac and iPad, the integration between them will be more complete than ever. With Continuity we can continue the work we were doing on any of our devices. For example we are editing a document on the computer and take the iPad automatically an icon to keep us where we have been right on the same line will appear. This system will also allow us to answer the calls received on your iPhone from the iPad and even from the Mac. It’s a very cool feature, but as it is always a closed environment and does not work with devices from other manufacturers.


This function is closely linked to the new Apple Watch, although it can operate autonomously. This application allows us to collect all kinds of information about health and physical activity, such as heart rate, calories consumed, blood sugar and more. Apple has opened the SDK of the application developers to adapt their creations. It is yet to see the usefulness of this feature, but Apple announced it as one of the most important feature in this new version.

iCloud Drive

iCloud is Apple’s cloud and iOS 8 will have improved version, becoming a sort of Dropbox or Google Drive. iCloud Drive is a virtual hard drive that can sync with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and even with Mac. iCloud online hard drive can be organized by folders and always keeps the latest version of each document.

Apple Pay

Apple has also introduced Apple Pay along with iPhone. So you don’t need to find you card all the time to pay. It’s the virtual wallet, that can be used to make payment quickly. So you can carry a virtual wallet always with you, though you forget your wallet at home.


Apple has opened its system to developers, who now have much more freedom and possibilities of work. improve system integration and can install elements such as widgets, keyboards special, filters for application and more photos. These are just some of the new features of iOS 8.

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