An Application helped to find 30,000 stolen cars in Brazil

An application developed by the Government and any Brazilian can download this app for free on their mobile phones, electronic tablets or computers. This application has helped to find 33,000 stolen vehicles in a few months (Around 4 months), said President .

Dilma Rousseff posted a tweet where she has revealed that the Government has recovered 33,000 stolen vehicles. Here is the screenshot of the tweet she posted on 12th April, but it is in Portuguese that means the same what I just said. if you know this language, you are lucky enough to understand.


This is the “Check Plate” (Check enrollment), a program that is updated automatically and identifies the license plate number of a vehicle if it is stolen or has any irregularities.

According to the head of state, since its entry into operation last December, the app has been downloaded by a million people, who have made 25 million queries.

“It’s not too tough to use, as you just need to type the plate number to check the status of the vehicle and it will do its work, and will provide the relevant information, said the president, who described the program as a free product to access the data of the highest technological platform for public security.

The Government is trying their best to encourage people and provide them more confidence and agility to make the Brazilians life easy and safe, said Dilma Rousseff.

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