Amazon may launch its glass-free 3D smartphone on 18th June

amazon phone rumored

The e-commerce giant Amazon is not really known as smart phones maker, but it’s been a long time that Amazon has been rumored to launch its own smartphone. The company has not confirmed the information, but it is suspected that the presentation will take place on June 18. Amazon has called for the day a mysterious event in Seattle and although the video that accompanies the ad only shows a group of people talking about a device that is not seen, a page is authorized by the company to sign the act, shows a partial picture that teaches a matte black device with the Amazon logo, which could well be a mobile, according to various media.

If it’s true, Amazon will expand its commitment to strengthen its hardware ecosystem around content and services. The firm, a clear rivalry with Apple and Microsoft, would add to the range of gadgets you have. Amazon already has its popular Kindle e-book readers, Kindle Fire their tablets and some months ago it released a decoder for viewing audiovisual content online on a TV (Fire TV).

The rumors about the arrival of smartphones Amazon came back. The filtered data so far, though unconfirmed, indicate that the company wants to land in this industry with a groundbreaking proposal. Advanced Provisional data indicate that the company is aware of the tough competition it will face, could equip your phone with a 3D screen without glasses.

The is still rumor that Amazon is preparing a mobile that would be equipped with six cameras (five front and one rear) that would be the basis of a new gesture-based interface. These many cameras can be used to track the movement of the head to modify or guide the menu and other features. If the rumor is true we can expect this smartphone will be launched as soon as after this summer.

Amazon movements do not stop there. The company is very strong in cloud services, and appears to be preparing its own music service streaming , which would complete its rich supply of books and films. The changes come after Apple bought the company Beats Electronics for $3 billion. This firm has a headphone music service streaming Racing Spotify and Pandora. Both companies are aware that this market is growing.

Amazon and Samsung are the only companies that are ready to take the battle to Apple and Microsoft. Both, relying on Google, because its devices use customized versions of Android. Although the South Korean firm has begun the race to position its own platform, Tizen. The company has already launched smart watches with this operating system, and will soon be on the way with a smartphone and TV to work with the platform.


The phone has been launched and Amazon has started taking pre-preorder, and will be launched on 25th July. Please click on this link for more detail: Amazon Fire Phone

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