After Android and iOS, BlackBerry Messenger for windows phone

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BBM for windows

Blackberry will launch BBM for windows phone in a couple of months. Blackberry’s developers are working on it, and it is expected to be released by the second quarter, in May or June 2014 as Blackberry CEO has already confirmed the launch and has given the deadline as well. After the launch of windows BBM app, this great application will be available for Windows Phone users and they can install and enjoy the great features, and get connected with their friends and family via PIN to PIN messaging service.

As we know, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was compatible only with the Blackberry device, but Blackberry has taken care of users flexibility and made BBM available for Android and iOS users. This step has a great effect, and the number users have increased. BBM has achieved 85 million active users, though the registered users have reached to 113 million. So, the number of users will increase once BBM is available for Windows Phone.

Blackberry is trying to make the BBM app available for more systems, and it seems they are almost t here, because they have already covered Blackberry, iOS, Android and windows will be covered by June 2014. We heard the news of Ubuntu Linux Phone as well which will be released soon, so after the launch of the smartphone on the new platform, hopefully Blackberry will work on it as well.