A new option on Facebook will allow to Flirt

Facebook continues its changes. In recent months it has modified the algorithm and updates have been affected. Now, the world’s largest social network, with over 1,300 million users worldwide, is introducing a new button in the profiles that allows users to ask their “friends” on additional information, such as if the person is in a relationship, why they are single or where they live?

In addition, users can ask where their friends work, where they studied and where they were born. But of course, nothing obliges respondents to tell the truth. This new will allow to ask, but all depends on the other person if he/she wants to answer, because those kind of information is visible to your friends by default as long as you don’t make it private, and when a person makes it private, I am not sure if he/she really would like to answer this. It might help in some situations.

facebook ask button

The company has also activated a button called “I’m voting”, of the forthcoming European elections, to be held on 25th May, and will serve as a mobilizing voters. This is a similar functionality that was launched during the 2012 U.S. elections when Barack Obama was elected as president.

The arrival of the new button (‘ask’) has been accompanied by rumors that the social network based in California seeking to create a self-destruct messaging  like SnapChat. As we know that SnapChat has already rejected $3 billion Facebook offer, and seems Facebook is trying to add new features to make this social network more powerful.

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