A beautiful iPhone 7 concept that you would love to get

There are many iPhone 7 concept design images and videos, and each of them are unique in them. Designers make the best according to his/her expectation from new iPhones. Today we have got a new iPhone 7 concept for you that looks beautiful in terms of design. It has been designed by Arthur Reis.

Here are the key points of this iPhone concept

  • A new thinner design
  • Water Resistant
  • AMOLED Display
  • Bluetooth AirPods by Beats
  • Wireless Charging
  • Force Touch Home Button
  • Dual Speaker

The design looks cool, but the thinner part is little confusing. The design they showed looks even thicker. Round shaped volume button and flat sides has made it even more beautiful. This concept design is a perfect combination of iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s, isn’t it?

Apple has been rumored to use AMOLED Display, but not this year. According to leaks, we may not see AMOLED display before 2018.

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