3D touch and live photos for older iPhones in iOS 8

Apple recently unveiled some new products on 9 September, including iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. 3D Touch and Live Photos in new iPhone models are quite impressive, but due to hardware restrictions it won’t support in older models.

A Cydia developer, Elias Limneos uploaded a video showing 3D touch and Live Photo feature on old iPhone models running on iOS 8. So the teaser video is just to tell that they are preparing new jailbreak tweak that would make this happen.

Well, this doesn’t mean that iPhone 6 or older models will start recognizing the difference between firmer tap and lighter tap. But the new tweak would allow to hold the the finger on any app for little longer and you would get options. This won’t do exactly what 3D touch can, but a part of that.

3D touch for older iPhone models (iOS 8)

Live Photos for Older iPhone Models (iOS 8)

Wait for this new jailbreak tweak, and this all can be done.