3 Ways to use Microsoft Paint on Mac and Linux

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Microsoft Paint comes preinstalled on Windows Computer that is used by many kids in their learning phase to have control over mouse and do some activities. Some grown-ups also use them to make some drawings and to complete some home works. However, if you don’t have a computer installed Windows Operating System, you can still use Microsoft Paint. Let’s know-how.

Method 1 (The Simplest and Easies): Use it within Internet Browser

ms paint

You can simply use MS Paint within the Internet Browser. Yes, you read it right. No Application or Download is needed. Visit this online MS Paint page and start using it or you can also visit this link.

This online version of MS paint is actually better than the one you use on Windows Computer. It comes with some additional functionality that is not found in native app.

Method 2: Using Virtual Machine

If you look for virtual machine apps online, you will find some companies providing applications to install another OS on top of the OS you already have. VMWare is one of the most popular ones to provide such an app. This app allows for creating a virtual drive selecting custom RAM, Storage, etc… Then, you use ISO file of Windows OS to install on it. Once done, you can use MS Paint as Windows OS has it preinstalled.

Method 3: Install another bootable OS

Mac and Linux both supports installation of Windows OS. So this is another way to use MS Paint. Once it is installed, you can choose to boot your computer between macOS and Windows. As Windows already comes with MS Paint, you can use it.


Among all 3 method we explained, the first one is easy to use and simple to achieve your task. The 2nd and 3rd options require technical knowledge and are very time consuming. So I would suggest to go for online version of the MS Paint app.