19-Year Old guy arrested in connection with Heartbleed Security Bug

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested a 19-year old guy who has been charged for unauthorized access of a computer and stealing 900 Social insurance numbers. RCMP was reported this hack into Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) website. The name of this guy is MR Stephen Solis-Reyes who has been reported to be a straight-A second year engineering student.

The Canadian government acknowledged the theft of confidential information. This theft is connected with the Heartbleed security bug where he was able to hack system to steal the secure information as reported. Well, MR Solis-Reyes will be taken to the court on 17th July, and the final decision will be taken by the court.

The theft occurred even though the agency disabled the website through which Canadian taxpayers can make their tax declaration. CRA explained that the theft of 900 Canadians social insurance numbers occurred during the interval of six hours. The Heartbleed vulnerability was unveiled on April 7 by Google and affects a programs to ensure the confidentiality of communications over the Internet, but the Heartbleed security bug is getting dangerous.

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