Convert YouTube to MP3 With These 12 Websites

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How do you convert a YouTube Video to MP3? You might be using an application or online tool. You can use the tool what you feel is the best for you. Today, we have got a list of websites that can convert any YouTube Video to MP3. It is very useful when you want to download any music file in MP3 format. For example, you can download a royalty free music from YouTube, and use it with a Video you have made and upload it on your website or even on YouTube. It won’t breach YouTube policy or copyright as long as you use a royalty free music. However, these websites can convert any YouTube video to MP3, but don’t misuse it to use someone’s content without their permission.

Convert YouTube to MP3 with these sites

1. OnlineMediaConverter.Net

OnlineMediaConverter website can convert YouTube Videos in many formats, that includes, MP3, MP4, WAV, MOV, AVI, and M4A. If you want to convert music video into high-quality mp3 file, then this website is the perfect place to do this. It let users choose the bitrate. You can choose to convert in 360kbps to get the best sound quality. Along with YouTube, it can also convert Vimeo, SoundCloud, and FaceBook files. All you have to do is, copy the video URL, and paste on OnlineMediaConverter website, and click on Start button. It will convert the file and will give you the download link. Here is a screenshot how it looks like.


2. VidToMp3.Com

VidToMp3 is an easy way to convert a YouTube video to MP3. You can copy the link of YouTube Video, paste it on the website, and proceed. It will quickly convert it to a downloadable MP3 file that you can easily download. It doesn’t convert it into any other format.

3. Mp3Juices.Com

A very popular website among users that is used by millions of users. It works in 2 ways; use the link or search a YouTube video. You can either copy and paste the YouTube video link to this site, or you can simply type the song or video name to find it directly on MP3Juices website. Finally, click on Download option to download the file. It also allows saving those files to your cloud storage. Along with YouTube, it also allows converting SoundCloud to MP3.


A perfect place to convert YouTube files to MP3 or MP4. When you visit the website, you need to select MP3 or MP4, and then paste YouTube Video URL, and hit Enter. It will convert the file, and then you can download. It allows saving converted file to DropBox.


Like other sites, this site also accepts YouTube Video URL, and convert it to MP3. Everything happens on the same page, so you can convert with the very less effort compared to other sites. Once converted, a download link appears on the same page. Simply click on it to download the file in MP3 format.


You can use this website to convert YouTube videos or search music. If you have a video URL, you can paste it in the provided field, select MP3 or any other format from the drop-down list, and convert it. If you want to search a YouTube video and download it as MP3 file, there is no need to go to YouTube website. You can search right from this website and convert instantly. Conversion may take a little time depending on the video duration. A normal music file doesn’t take more than a few seconds. Once the conversion is complete, you can download it.


Converting YouTube Videos to MP3 is as simple as copy and paste. If it’s a video or Music video of 5 to 10 mins, you won’t even see the conversion bar. It will let you download MP3 file quickly. YouTubeInMp3 also offers an extension for Google Chrome. If you add this extension, the download icon will appear on YouTube page. When you play a video on YouTube, the Download icon will appear underneath playback. You can simply hit the Download button, and start downloading.


Flvto allows converting YouTube files to many formats; MP3, MP4, and AVI. This website works like rest of the sites. You can convert using YouTube Video link. It also shows the list of top 100 most converted YouTube Videos. Along with online conversion, You can also download its Desktop application and/or Google Chrome Extension to convert files quickly.


2con is another site that also let you convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 and other formats. You can put the YouTube video URL, select the desired format of conversion, and proceed. If you want to download YouTube converter app, you can also get it for Windows and Mac.


ConvertBox has one unique feature that you will not get on all converter website. They allow selecting MP3 quality. You can select to convert a YouTube video in 128Kbps Mp3 or 256 Kbps Mp3 file. They also have the search option if you want to search a YouTube file, and then convert. Along with YouTube, it can also convert FaceBook, Vimeo, SoundCloud etc. to Mp3 file.

11. Youzik.Com

Visit YouTube website –> find and play the video that you want to convert —> copy video URL —> Visit YouZik website —> Paste YouTube Video URL –> Press Enter Key to get the Download Link —> Click on Download link to download the MP3 file. This is how Youzik works.

12. YoutubeTo.Com

If you want to convert a whole playlist of YouTube Videos, then you can try this website. This website has the ability to convert the whole playlists videos into MP3. Just copy and paste the Playlist URL, and click on Download MP3 or Download MP4 option whatever you like, and it will list the whole videos from the playlist with the download icon. You can click the download icon and download all of them one by one, or you can choose to download all of them with one click. Along with playlist, it can also convert any single YouTube video.

There are many other websites, but these 12 websites that I have listed should be enough to serve your purpose. If you face any issue with any of the websites, please let me know by comment.