$10 fine if you cross road looking at mobile in Taiwan

using mobile while crossing the road

As we know, people are more careless these days, and the users with smartphones are addicted to their mobiles. They don’t even understand where they are? Taking the mobile out and starts chatting or using social network is normal. It doesn’t matter they are on the road, shopping malls, theater and anywhere they just don’t care about anything. Bad things come to those who are careless. Everyday some people die because of their own mistakes.

In Taiwan, a woman got hit by the Taxi and she died in March. What was her fault? She had the full consecration on her mobile and using it while crossing the road. She cost her life because of the mobile. Do you want the same for you or your family?

A group of lawmakers in Taiwan proposed government to start charging such people, and once it is in action hopefully all the people caught crossing the roads looking at mobile will be charged $10. Taiwan doesn’t want the death of pedestrian for no reason, so this step can help to fight against such mentality.

The law is already in action for drivers that they can’t talk or use mobile while driving, and if they are caught, they need to pay fine. So, what I think is that this is a great step taken by lawmakers and this should be imposed in each and every country.

Taiwan has around 14 million mobile internet users out of the total population that is around 23.34 million. So, you can assume what the situation could be? Writing text message, using Facebook and other social networks or making calls while crossing the road can put in danger. When you get any notification (for ex: in Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook etc), you can check it after some times as well. So, why to to put your life at risk? Technology has been developed to help us, but not to hard.

Always remember that you have your family waiting for you!

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