Face Swap feature on Snapchat and other iOS and Android apps

There are many apps that comes with Face Swap feature. So what is it? This feature allows your to switch the faces between two people. For example : You can have the face or Tom Cruise and your rest of the part will remain the same. It is just for fun. Among all Apps Snapchat is very popular for such stuffs and it comes with various fun features for camera. Let’s learn how to use Face Swap feature of Snapchat.

How to use Snapchat’s Face Swap feature

  • Launch Snapchat app
  • You can use front as well as rear camera depending on situation
  • Whether you are using front or rear camera, hold your finger on the face of the person appearing on Snapchat’s camera, until you see funny faces at the bottom of camera screen (like below image)

Swap Face of Snapchat

  • Now check more faces, until you find Face Swap (appears with 2 smiling faces)

Snapchat Screenshot Face Swap

  • Select the face Swap icon, and now you would get two big Smily faces on Camera Screen
  • Two Person/Image should be together to Swap the face. Now hold the camera such a way that the face of one person should appear under first Smily Face and the other should be under the second Smily face
  • That’s it, and the face will be swap automatically. You can tap on Face Swap icon (the icon showed in above image) to capture this funny image

There are some more apps for Android as well as iOS to use Swap Face feature if you don’t want to use Snapchat.

For Android

Face Switch : Get it here

Face Editor : Download Here

Face Swap : Get on Play Store

Photo Face Swap : PlayStore Link

There are more apps, you can try from Play Store, and keep the most appropriate.

iOS Apps

Face Swap Booth : It’s a free app for iPhones and iPads that allows to swap Face from Photos as well as camera. You can also store the faces you like, and use them later to swap faces. Get it from here

Face Swap Live ($0.99) : It allows to switch faces directly from camera’s video feed. Download here

Best Face Swap App : It’s probably not the best Face Switch app, but it’s a good one. It can swap faces of any image that has two persons in it. You must have 2 faces in a image to use this app. Available on iTunes or App Store

After some tests we have found Snapchat to be the best, but it depends on the way you want to swap, because Snapchat can’t switch the faces of photos.

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