The Easiest Way to Download YouTube Videos On Firefox

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Firefox YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube is the largest and the most popular online streaming website. You can find all types of videos ranging from tutorials to guides, movies to cartoons, trailers to songs and many more. You just name it.

Whether you want to have fun or learn something useful, YouTube is always beneficial. However, there is one tiny problem that you cannot download videos for later use, especially if you have to play a video offline on your phone, in an event and so on. Just imagine that you want to play a how-to video in your class presentation, and you cannot play it online from YouTube. There is no other option but to download the video and play it offline.

Thanks to the developers of Easy YouTube Video Downloader who solved this issue for millions of those people who want to download. This is a tiny Firefox browser add-on that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It allows you to download YouTube videos with a single click.

This Firefox Youtube video downloader is not the only add-on that can do this for you, but it is definitely one of the easiest tools around. There are software and websites that allow you to download videos but many of them are not user-friendly, and when it comes to quality, Easy YouTube Video Downloader has no match. You can even download 1080p HD videos, or use as YouTube to MP3 converter.


Some of the major features of this amazing add-on are stated below that make it better than many other YouTube Downloaders

  • Download any YouTube video with one click. No need to copy-paste video URL
  • It is a browser add-on so it is always there. You can turn it off or on instantly in a couple of seconds from your browser’s settings
  • Download videos in a whole lot of different formats, including MP4, FLV, MP3, 3GP and so on…
  • You can choose the video quality and this is an awesome feature. Choose HQ, 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p or even 1080p. A lot of different options would be there
  • The download button appears right on the YouTube video page making it extremely easy-to-access and use
  • It is one of the most used and trusted add-ons for downloading YouTube videos that has more than 331K users on Firefox only.

How to Use It Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Follow the steps below to start using Easy YouTube Video Downloader immediately

1. Make Sure you have Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, download here for free. Once you have Mozilla Firefox internet browser installed on your computer, follow the rest of the steps

2. Download the add-on by clicking here 

3. Hit Add to firefox button. You will be asked to confirm, and you need to click Install button

easy youtube downloader

4. Once installation is complete, visit YouTube.Com, and play any video. A tiny ‘Download As:’ button will appear on all the YouTube videos as soon as you will activate the add-on.

5. Click on the ‘Download As,’ select the format and video quality. The video will start downloading

YouTube Download Firefox

This is how simple it is to use Easy YouTube Video Downloader


No doubt, there are multiple ways to download YouTube videos but if you want to download videos easily and without much fuss, you should use Easy YouTube Video Downloader. It has been reviewed by 851 users at Mozilla Store and it stands at 4 stars out of 5. The rating shows it all. Users are happy and they are using it for years.

It is now your turn to grab this amazing add-on for your browser.