You Miss Nothing with a Smart Watch

Sony Android Watch


Who doesn’t like new technology when it’s about making your life easier and stylish? There are so many brands in the market producing gadgets, but some people don’t want just a gadget but something unique. Let me introduce Sony’s Smart Watch. We know about Sony’s technology how good they are. As far as electronic goods are concerned, people prefer Sony to other brands. In the past, we used to bind normal watches. Some people like analogue and some digital watches, but a smart watch gives you the flexibility to choose what you want because it has got both the features.

Well, when we say a smart watch, people will expect more than a watch. Sony’s smart watches look just like a digital watch, but it works like an Android mobile. We miss many calls, messages, social updates and many more, because we can’t use mobile everywhere. Sometimes we are in a crowded or noisy place and the mobile keeps on ringing, but we can’t notice that and miss the call. We set up calendar reminders for many reasons, e.g., Meetings, Birthdays, etc. We might miss those calendar reminders when those have been set up in a mobile phone or a computer. A smart watch is always on your wrist which reminds you everything even you are in a noisy place. So, you don’t miss any important calls or messages. A slight vibration on your wrist is enough to alert you, isn’t it? You don’t need to keep your hands busy while talking to someone. You can just pick the call from your wrist.

Now, let’s talk about social updates and messaging. You must have asked your friends many times “where have you been? And your friend replies: Don’t you know, I updated on Facebook and Tweeter that I went on vacation?” You missed it. Don’t miss any updates now. You don’t need to check your mobile or computer for Facebook messages and tweets. You can just read those updates as then come in. Reading your text messages is so easy with a smart watch. You can just swipe and read the messages.

Sony Watch


A smart watch has a good feature for music lovers. Now you can control your smart phone’s music player from your wrist. So, don’t need to take out your mobile phone to use next, back, skip or stop features. Checking your mail was never this much easier. You will never miss any email with this smart watch. Get instant notification as and when they come in. It comes with a 20mm wrist strap, and the good thing is that you can use any 20 mm wrist strap which has been designed for a wrist watch. This is not all of it. You can download many applications on your smart watch from the Goggle Play Store and get most of it.

This Sony smart watch can run full day on heavy usage, but if you don’t use much, the battery with last for 3 to 7 days. It has Bluetooth as well to help you in connectivity. Youth will love to bind on their wrist, because it has all the advanced features what a normal watch can never have and it looks amazing. In short, it makes your life easier and stylish because you have everything on your wrist, from emailing to calls.

You can visit Sony’s Website for more information.

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