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Do you own a beach house but do not know how to furnish it? Discover our awesome tips of decoration

Decorating the house in the summer is fun and makes every environment far more solar, however does the same rule apply when the residence is at sea? To some extent, yes, because the light colors, and especially blue, will be definitely the protagonists of the various fittings and accessories. However, if you have a beautiful beach house you can treat yourself to some luxury, characterizing it more with elements designed specifically for this type of dwelling. To furnish a beach house to give perfection look we suggest you, first of all, to choose an adorable way. The white and ecru combination is well suited to paint the walls, backgrounds for perfect creations of nature. The style marinara is definitely one of the most beloved. Space, therefore, the blue and white striped with navy nautical look gives awesome appearance; you can play with small paintings or prints, to frame and hang to embellish environments, and elements of the network or of the rope to decorate shelves and furniture, in the living area or relaxing area.

The cushions and the various stuff of furniture, in this case, are very useful, because starting from a neutral will be much more simple and fun to characterize the whole. How about try of corals, shells and sea horses? The first you can choose from them as prints, perhaps its own tablecloth. With the shells you can fill a beautiful vase that you can place in the bathroom and with seahorses can give a touch of the sea even to the corridor and also the entrance; in this case we recommend creations of wrought iron.

How about to use corals; always in contrast with a white base, a touch of orange and red? You can inspire the color of the lobster, to that of the sunset over the sea to give a touch sophisticated and chic to every single room. To furnish a beach house use just the coral color, we suggest you choose the first floor lamps with sun-hat reproducing one of the sea creatures characterized by this color scheme. Choose the linen for the bedroom and one bath declined in orange red and add some colored element, even a stone, in the living room, maybe in a glass vase to be placed on the table of your living room.

Remember, the fabrics color as well as materials are very crucial, because it is with them, and some small supplement, you can decorate a house locating on the beach in a unique and stylish way. Just give a try!

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