Xiaomi is launching its first smartband for $13 only

Xiaomi Mi Band

The wearables are common these days, more and more manufacturers are launching smart watches and smart wristbands. Such gadgets help us to control some aspects of the smartphone from the wrist, such as reading the notices and to answering the calls, and it also quantifying our daily activities through various sensors. Xiaomi is well known by its cost effective smartphone and tablets, like Redmi Note, Mi Pad, Mi3 etc. Now Xiaomi is ready to launch its first smartband, known as Mi Band. It will go on sale from August 18. It is a sports band that is designed to help with exercise, providing information on the activities we have done, but also has other interesting functions.

Xiaomi SmartBands in decent colors

This Chinese brand has will make it available at quite reasonable prices, we are talking about a product that will cost around $13. The Xiaomi Mi Band has no display, but a simple bracelet with a series of sensors inside. Its design is quite attractive, as it seems a purely decorative bracelet. The company has already shown up to five colors, but all are quite striking and may not suit the tastes of all users. The band is made ​​of rubber and is also waterproof, as it is IP67 certified. This certificate means that can dive for 30 minutes inside one meter deep water, so the Mi Band can also serve to record our activity while swimming.

Mi Band

The band communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth and it tracks information about our physical activity, such as running or walking. Besides its obvious sporting function, Mi Band also monitors our sleep cycles and wakes us with the integrated alarm. Xiaomi also indicated that will allow us to unlock the smartphone without entering the password, but we assume that this function will only be available if the you are using the smartphone of the same brand. The autonomy is one of its strong points, as it can last full month in standby mode, but did not tell anything what it takes to discharge when you are taking a more intensive use. The Bluetooth can consume battery, but keep in mind that it has no display, so you might be surprised in this section. As mentioned, the Mi Band goes on sale next Monday (18th August), but for now only in China, but I’m sure that it will be available in more countries soon. I hope there is no smartband available in the market that costs as low as $13. 

mi band reminds schedule

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