WOW! Internet Cable – What Do They Offer?

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wow internet

We are facing challenging times since the unfortunate year of 2019 and the same global pandemic persists. Sometimes work from home and online schooling becomes difficult when we face internet speed lags and if we opt for a top internet service provider we are charged huge amounts that make it more difficult. We face economic difficulties as we look out for something affordable and yet reliable.

If you want affordable internet WOW! internet is the best option for that. Though WOW! is a regional internet service provider that offers services in limited areas of the east. You can look into the options that you have with them.

We are listing the internet packages that are offered by WOW! internet cable connection below.

WOW! Internet PackagesInternet SpeedPrice Per MonthData Limit
WOW! Internet 100 MbpsUp to 100 MbpsUp to $49.99 each monthUnlimited internet
WOW! internet 200 MbpsUp to 200 MbpsUp to $49.99 each monthUnlimited internet
WOW! Internet 500 MbpsUp to 500 MbpsUp to $59.99 each monthUnlimited internet
WOW! Internet 1 GIGUp to 1000 MbpsUp to $79.99 each monthUnlimited internet

Note** The minimum speed that is offered by WOW! internet is either 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps, the price for both speeds is the same. The availability of the minimum speed will depend upon the address on which you want these services.

Which speed is the right pick for you?

You must be thinking that there are different options so what you should choose? Let us guide you here, there is no need to be confused between the available options. Your internet usage and the kind of internet usage will help you decide what you should choose.

  • If there are up to 3 or 4 laptops, tablets, mobile phones, or Ipads at your place and you want an internet connection for your work or school then the standard internet package is ideal for you. It includes 100 or 200 Mbps that will easily support your usage.
  • If you have a larger household and you have extensive internet usage you can choose the 500 Mbps option. You can connect 7 to 8 devices with it. If you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for your office work, you need a high internet speed. You can also stream videos in 4k with this speed. It will easily support extensive usage.
  • If you want a premium and high-quality experience and connect to special gaming stations then 1 GIG is a perfect pick for you. You can connect multiple devices with it at the same time. You will never see that buffering sign again with this elevated internet speed.

Why should you choose WOW! Internet?

WOW! Internet is a regional provider that is based in Colorado and it operates in 19 regional markets. They offer cable TV, broadband internet, and home phone services. The reason why you should opt for WOW! Internet are listed below,

  • WOW! internet offers the most valuable packages that mean you can get affordable packages. It will be easier for you to pay your monthly bills on time if they are less.
  • They offer promotional discounts to the new users that last for a whole year.
  • You are not required to sign up for any contracts which means you can freely use their services for as long as you need them without paying the early termination charges.
  • You will get 30 days money-back guarantee. Use their service for a whole month and see for yourself if you are satisfied with their internet service or not. If you are not happy with their service, they will not charge you anything.
  • Get high internet speeds and choose your plans.
  • You can also bundle up their services with cable TV and home phone to save more.

No internet data restrictions

When your life depends on an internet connection, you don’t always get time to watch your favorite shows. You can download movies or any show that you can watch later on. With the WOW! internet you can download as much as you want without any restrictions. No matter which internet speed you opt for, all the internet packages offer unlimited internet.

You will not be charged extra because of the unlimited or uncapped internet data. This feature sets you free from the data limit restrictions.

Summing it up,

If you want the highest quality internet speeds at minimal rates then you should opt for a WOW! internet cable connection. It does not matter if they are a regional provider, they have more than 800,000 users presently which proves they provide reliable internet service. Moreover, the added features include unlimited internet data, promotional discounts, 30 days money-back guarantee, and more. You can take advantage of their amazing offers on the internet.