WordPress: Account Disabled or Cannot Reset Password: What Options Do You Have?

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If you use WordPress.com to communicate on the forum and to connect other accounts, you may sometimes face issues related to log in. Forgetting password is a common error that can easily be solved by resetting the password as long as you remember the email address and have access to it. It’s rare that an account gets disabled, but it happens.

WordPress Log in Error You May Get if Account is Disabled

Your account has been disabled.

The error you will get if you try to reset the password using forget Password option

Password reset is not allowed for this user

Why did WordPress Disabled or Banned my Account

wordpress error

1. Usual Reason: Policy Abuse

I cannot just write the whole policy here and I am sure 1 out of 1,000 people actually read it. You can surely visit WordPress and read the policy to understand what may have gone wrong. The most common reasons for Banned or Disabled account are:

  • Spam Comments
  • Trying to build links, rather spamming with Anchor texts and URLs
  • Not respecting other users and being very aggressive and/or abusive

There are other reasons as well, but the 3 mentioned above are the most common ones.

2. Human Error

Human makes mistakes, so it may happen. Sometimes they may block you for no reason and that’s actually a human error. An email to WordPress will activate your account in this case.

Can I regain access to WordPress Account after it is disabled?

Solution for Disabled Account because of Human Error

You can follow this solution if you are not sure why the account is disabled.

Send an email to [email protected] and let WordPress know that they have disabled your account. They will actiavte if it was a human error.

Solution for Disabled Account Because of Policy Abuse

Create a new account with a new email address and do not spam and abuse policy. Emailing WordPress is not gonna help as such actions are permanent and your account will remain blocked forever.