Why to prefer Macbook to Windows Laptop

Macbook Air 13 featured imageI bought my first Macbook Air 13, and realized why Apple laptops are expensive. I used to think that why people buy a laptop that costs almost double than other laptops available in the market. Well, I learned something that you should never consider someone stupid if he/she is spending more on something and stick to it unless you have tried it yourself. I am also going to stick to Macbook now, and I will tell you the reasons.

The most important reason is that buying a Macbook gives you the privilege of having MAC OS and its updates free for lifetime. In case of other laptops, people hardly buy an original Windows OS, and get the cracked version from the internet that cannot be updated, and if you update the OS, it will lose the license, and needs to reinstall it. So here, you don’t get security updates and patches. So you are always at risk. So, buying an original Windows OS increases the cost of using a laptop with Windows OS and you also need to pay whenever you upgrade to the new version.

In case of Windows OS, if you want to use MS Office, you need to buy it that also increases the cost, but Macbook comes along with a great office tools, so you don’t need any other apps to create or view Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

I think, I don’t need to explain the design of a Macbook. Who don’t love it? That’s a different thing that it doesn’t come in budget of some people. Its body is made of metal and I loved the charging thing of my Macbook. It’s magnetic, you just need to take the charging code near the charging port, and it will take it in itself, and the charging code also has an indicator that shows whether the charging is full or not. The charger comes along with two connector: two plugged and three plugged, you can connect which one you like.

macbook air 13Macbook is the best laptop for bloggers like me and for those who use internet a lot and laptop is turned on almost all the time. I used to use an external cooling fan for my old laptop used to get hit if use for a long time, and sometimes it used to restart itself because of the hit. I hope this happens with most of the users, but my new Macbook Air is cool. I use it continuous 12-16 hours, and I don’t have even an Air conditioned room, but it’s always cool, and work smoothly throughout the day. Don’t need any external cooling Fan. If anyone need, take my old cooling fan from me. 😛 lol!

The keypad of the Macbook has backlight, so can work easily in the dark. Macbook boots in seconds and doesn’t hang and stuck like my old laptop though I had a laptop with Inter Core i 5 processor, so doesn’t frustrate me.

How do you feel when you download an app and while installing some other nonsense apps gets installed itself, and changes your browser settings? That’s the worst experience for any laptop or computer’s users. With Macbook it doesn’t happen. You can set the option if you want to install apps only from Apple App Store or from App Store and Identified Suppliers or can also chose the option that you can install apps from anywhere. You need to put the password before the installation of the app, so you know what you are installing.

macbook app installation settings

Macbook doesn’t really need an antivirus, it knows how to take care of itself. You can google it, check in Apple and other forums, you will find the same answer. So spending in antivirus in not necessary, and we all know that which one is the most vulnerable OS. There is one more thing that you have iCloud to backup your photos, notes, calender etc. that doesn’t require addition app. Watching movies can be the best experience in a Macbook, the video quality of an HD video is quite different in a Macbook in comparison to other laptop. My old laptop had one GB of graphic card, though Mackbook video quality is far better than that one.

When I looked on the internet, found that Macbook Air provides the battery backup of 12 hours, I didn’t believe it. I bought it and tried, it’s amazing. It ran more than 10 hours, though I was using internet. Which laptop can do that?

Now let me tell you that Macbook is not really that much expensive what we think. If you buy a laptop with Intel Core i5 or Core i7 4th generation processor, add the cost of Original Windows OS, add the cost of MS office, add Antivirus cost, add metal body cost, add the cost of upgrading your OS to the new version, add the cost of that much powerful battery, and think about the smoothness and security, Macbook still saves your money. In the lifetime span of a laptop, other laptop can be more expensive than a Macbook. Think about it.

Apple has got one more fan in its fan list. Thanks to Apple for making such products.

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