7 Reasons To Get An Android Watch

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An Android watch is an incredibly useful little device – especially if you know how to make the most of it. This will only be possible if you know what these nifty smart wearables can do. Here are some of the most important functions to keep in mind:

  1. More Discreetly Check Alerts. A smartphone can be set to vibrate or to simply stay silent, but you’ll still have to bring the phone out if you want to check on it. This can be quite noticeable if you keep your phone in your purse or pants. An Android smart watch, however, is placed on your wrist. This makes it a lot easier to discreetly pull your hand aside and check for incoming calls, emails, or text messages.
  2. Hands-Free Interaction. Speaking of wrists, wearing an Android wristwatch gives you the added bonus of keeping at least one hand free. You won’t even have to worry about dropping the device, as it is firmly attached to your wrist. In some cases, you can actually use your Android watch without using both hands – especially when you make use of voice commands.
  3. Quickly Run Voice Commands. It is often a lot faster (and easier) to use an Android watch as a platform for working with voice commands. A watch on your wrist can be easily held up to your mouth, where you can speak out commands as needed. Those commands are passed to your phone; allowing you to get stuff done without actually pulling your phone out from your pocket.
  4. Keep Tabs On Headlines. You can set up your Android wearable to display a live feed of news headlines that are most relevant to you. This can cover everything from financial data on the stock market to posts on Twitter and Facebook. The watch’s location on your wrist also makes it easier to glance at the headlines; taking a closer look only on the content that matters.
  5. Find Your Phone. Many Android watches let you track the location of the phone it is paired with – and vice-versa. You can use GPS to identify the location of the other device, or you can send commands to have each device ‘ring’ so that you can more easily find the lost device. This makes these particular Android wearables quite useful for those that have a tendency to misplace their gadgets.
  6. Find Your Loved Ones. An Android smartwatch can also double as a sleek, stylish means for keeping tabs on people. This is very useful for monitoring children, the elderly, and the infirmed. Not only will you be able to track their location using your phone, but the right combination of apps and hardware will let you talk to one another over your respective devices.
  7. Monitor Your Health. Many Android wristwatches come with various health monitors, form heart rate monitors to pedometers that keep track of how many steps you took in a day. Some can even monitor the quality of your sleep and calculate the amount of calories you’ve burned at the end of each day. The information you can collect using these types of Android watches will help you become more aware of how to better care for your body.

Android Watch Heart Rate Monitor

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