Why the cloud storage is so important for each individual? (Update Needed)

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As we know, there is no guarantee when the hard disk will crash or the memory card of your device will stop working. We need the back up of all important files. Sometimes we need the files on the go, and we can’t access that particular computer/device where the file has been saved, and it’s  not possible that you can carry your computer/laptop each and every place you go. This is where the cloud storage came from to resolve such concern and you can access your files from any other devices what supports internet connectivity and has an internet browser or the app of the storage provider. Some people call it online storage or internet storage as well. Cloud storage was not this much famous earlier, and it used to be a pain uploading the files there and downloading again. The process has not changed so far, but the pain has been cured. This has all happened because of new technologies and the internet speed. Internet has the most important  role here.

man thinking about the cloud storage

Well, we know that a cloud storage rely on an internet connection. If the internet speed is not good, it might be painful again. However, internet speed should not be the problem anymore because there are  lots of provider who provide good speed of internet connection even we have 4G now. When I was not aware of such things, I lost many files what I missed later. If you don’t talk about the official documents, just think about those precious pictures and video files what you have captured through your mobile or camera. That’s the memory what we love to save and look at when we want, and suddenly your phone memory card gives the error “memory is corrupted” or your laptop hard disk crashes. You would lose all if you don’t have a back up. You can keep those saved on your device, but the precious moment (pictures, videos, files etc.)can be saved in cloud storage, like Skydrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and there are many more. They even give you the option to edit the file online. Don’t you think it’s awesome?

cloud storage benifits

Cloud storage is not expensive though it’s almost free. You get lots of free space as a basic user. For example: if you are using Skydrive, you get free 7GB space and if you want to get more, you need to buy. You can use different drives at the same time to save money. You can upload your files on the drive, and can access anytime anywhere. No matter what happens to the hard disk or memory card, you will always have your files and the precious moment what you have captured. If you have smartphone, that’s very useful as well for using such storage. Smartphones gives you easy uploading options. Cloud storage is very useful for each and every individual. A cloud storage is always password protected. Till the time you are not logged in, you can’t access any file. It provides you easy to share option as well. If you want, you can share the file among your friends so quickly. You can chose the option with whom you want to share. So, you better start using cloud storage before you lose your important stuff.