Why shouldn’t you use Google Chrome on Mac OS X

Avoid Chrome on Mac

As far as I know Google Chrome is an amazing browser. If someone ask me what is the best alternative of Safari, the answer would be Google Chrome. However, there are reasons, you should avoid using Google Chrome on your Mac OS X, and we will explain why.

Chrome kills Mac’s battery like hell

Never use Google Chrome when MacBook is running on Battery. It consumes almost half of the battery life even you are not playing music or video on Chrome. When you play YouTube or stream any online video, your MacBook Pro (Retina 13-inch) would probably die in 3 hours. Have a look at these Screenshots of Activity Monitor.

When Using Chrome to Browse Website (No Music, No Video, No Flash)

Chrome battery consumption without Video Play

When Playing YouTube on Google Chrome

Playinh YouTube on Chrome

Google Chrome has too much impact on battery life, but Safari is very nicely optimized. If you are outside with your laptop, and need to run it little longer, never launch Google Chrome Browser unless you have something specifically to do with it.

Google Chrome consumes more RAM

I have found Google Chrome consuming much more RAM compared to Safari. However, Mozilla Firefox is the heaviest one. I have never liked Mozilla, it seems to be the world’s slowest browser after Internet Explorer. However, I need it for some specific purpose that can’t be achieved with Safari or Chrome. Here is an screenshot to tell how much RAM Chrome consumes.

RAM Consumption by Google Chrome detail

If we calculate RAM consumption including all Chrome Helper, it consumes more RAM compared to Firefox. However, Chrome is still faster than Firefox. I am not sure why so many Chrome Helper keeps running in the background that I can’t even stop unless quit Google Chrome Browser.


Safari is the best browser and well optimized for Mac, and it is doesn’t go hard on RAM, Battery and CPU. So get the habit of using Safari. Avoid using Chrome, especially when your MacBook is running on Battery. Disable Chrome from Startup item (System Preferences –> Users & Groups, click on Login Item, and remove chrome from there if added as Startup item). You can still use Google Chrome if there are some specific tasks that can’t be completed without Chrome, but connect your MacBook to power source.

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