Why do I need custom web design?

With all of the emphasis on reducing the costs of getting a business online, a business owner might legitimately ask why he or she needs to pay for a web design company. The truth of the matter is that a custom-designed web company actually cost less than the so-called “free templates” that are available online. Here’s why.

First of all, free templates have outlived their usefulness on the Internet. There are simply too many people who have use them for less than reputable websites. Internet customers who are savvy have learned to recognize these templates and stay away from them. This means that no matter how good your product or service may be, if a customer sniffs out free template, they will not even make it to your sales page.

Secondly, a custom webdesign will provide you with search engine optimization that is necessary for any kind of visibility on the Internet. If you do not have your website listed within the major search engines, then you may as well not be on the Internet. Template web designs are not only sniffed out by human visitors; they are also sniffed out by the major search engines and downgraded within their listings. Their code is not optimized based on the standards that the major search engines have taken on. This virtually negates any hope of front page visibility for a website that has a free template as its basis.

Thirdly, a reputable web design company such as web.com will be able to provide you services far beyond the initial release date of your website. You will need to keep up with the constantly changing environment of Internet business, and a web design and optimization company will be able to inform you of the latest changes. This is not something that many business owners have the time or the manpower to keep up with. If you find your search engine ranking slipping after only a couple of weeks, it is not the fault of your website necessarily; it is simply that have changed, and you have not been able to keep up. You need someone who is constantly monitoring these changes so that you can stay ahead of your competition when it comes to making changes on your website.

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